High-heeled shoes is different from the ordinary flat shoes, like high heels of women mostly because it can for itself have increased, the effect of cultivate Christian louboutin outlet dallas one's morality, plasticity, so many women to choose high-heeled shoes is not only beautiful and comfortable. So for the first time to buy high-heeled shoes of women, the observed from which aspects to choose a beautiful and comfortable luxury high heels? To this, the relevant person in charge of China's well-known luxury pulling the net trading platform gives the following a few Christian louboutin outlet online store Suggestions.

A, the first woman to wear high heels, it is suggested that had better choose a leather is soft, the luxury brand high heels with delicate do manual work. So can make the foot is not easy to be squeezed, Christian louboutin outlet store and can adapt to the first time to wear high heels in the fastest time of discomfort. In addition, Suggestions for the first time to wear high heels of women should be put on silk stockings, can reduce the friction of foot skin and shoes.

Second, to wear high heels for more than eight hours of career women, 1 to 2 inches leather high heels to wear than 3 or 4 inch heel high-heeled shoes more comfortable. At the same time, choose a pair of leather shoes christian louboutin outlet with the radian of foot fits well, can reduce the feet of pain due to long time compression. In addition, choose high heels high heels, the vamp should choose some big, that it doesn't make the heel of gravity to the instep.

Three, the heel of the thickness is proportional to the body, legs. The human body can be regarded as the combination of a variety of geometric shapes, look from the back, under the body and legs like a large cylinder and then two long cylinder, so the heel of your right is the effect of leg ministry christian louboutin outlet online store line. For more fat women had better not choose too thin heels, otherwise the heel looks can have the feeling of "giving up"; While thin avoid wearing too thick heel, or walking will produce highly coordinated heaviness.
The weather turn gradually cool, and the season of clothing. Even so, for those who love beautiful girl with a pair of attractive high heels to match is enough. May be little shoe wardrobe every girl, not a pair of black Christian louboutin outlet dallas high heels, but compared with the classic black joker, low-key and sharp blue is more exciting. Light blue high-heeled shoes is pure and beautiful, can show more fashionable temperament. Small make up recommend a few blue high-heeled shoes also to you, see if you can bring your dress inspiration from summer to early autumn.

GIORGIO ARMANI leather pointed high-heeled shoes, pointed is fine with the design of the already strong woman Christian louboutin outlet online store flavour, the fabrics of sapphire bright eye, but also full of elegant quiet feeling, elegant magnetic irresistible, let a person leave deep impression.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA blue and white porcelain paint water table high-heeled shoes, the extremely rich history and traditional blue and white porcelain patterns as design elements, classic elegant Christian louboutin outlet store design makes you become fashion focus, followed by the Chinese knot type ornament more add bright spots, show your extraordinary taste.

AQUAZZURA suede pointed hollow out with high heels, pointed gives it a hale style of shoes in general sense, but add unique christian louboutin outlet online lace-up and hollow out design, send out women enchanting charm, mix build short skirt out your slender legs, more reveal your unique fashion attitude.

Alexander Wang cobalt blue scales heels, with bright cobalt blue is given priority to, to join the white dot, christian louboutin outlet online store vamp adopts scales grain texture effect the outline of the shape of streamline and agile, pure white sole and heel on collocation, deduce the elegant wind restoring ancient ways.
High-heeled shoes of all women have a kind of can't resist the temptation to, as the weather turns cool, MM people by rubbing their hands the christian louboutin shoes outlet change at the same time, a pair of beautiful and elegant shoes, of course, is losing item. Small make up together in the fall for the new high heels for you!

Earlier in the New York fashion week, putting personal designer Victoria Victoria Beckham phenomenon has released 2015 chun xia series garment, besides putting design clothes, models of high heels is very conspicuous.christian louboutin outlet online store It is understood that the VB shows on the high-heeled shoes is a famous designer Manolo (Manolo blahniks) specifically for putting the 2015 chun xia series conference design for style, in black and white and dichromatic, very accord with putting personal traits.

Design master Manolo (Manolo blahniks) is an international fashion legend, and was hailed as the world's greatest shoemaker. In this cooperation, he chose to putting favorite classic black and whiteChristian louboutin outlet dallas collocation. The design of high heels for classic cusp shoe, soft leather cover outside the shoes, put on after can show smooth instep, heel is wrapped. Create unique stereo feeling, special design style is contracted, elegant personality, more can highlight the female's leg ministry line.

It is reported, this is not the first cooperation of both sides. After putting Ceng Hema los design together, Christian louboutin outlet store cooperation launched shoe Tracy, very popular. And putting the most personal characteristics of street snap modelling is stamped on the pointed high-heeled shoes, including classic Manolo blahniks pointy shoes is her favorite.